DEGMAN is Croatian main battle tank. This knife isn’t a small, elegant knife which you will carry to the theater or  church on Sundays…
This is a rough, massive, overbuild tank that you’ll want to use every day! Again and again !


Only full Titanium handle is available as basic model !

Additional options in the handle :
– blasted / stonewashed
– grooved handle
– Heat Ano on Ti
– holes pattern
– Orange peel


Additional options available on the blade:

– Blasted / Stonewash
– Acid / stonewash
– Two tone (or satin) finish
– Compound grind


4″ blade length (101,6 mm)
9.3″ overall (235 mm)
CPM 3V  steel blade – .215″ thick (5,45 mm)

Damasteel and San Mai are also AVAILABLE as options !!



.196″ titanium frame lock (same thickness is presentation side)

TITANIUM:  backspacer and pocket clip

SS screws and pivot

Oversized 12mm pivot with Ball bearings and ceramic detent for the smoothiest and fastes action

Carbidized lock face


For any other questions please send mail.





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